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Monday, May 22, 2017

Dear Client's

We have successfully upgraded our Website, We want to introduce new hosting plans.

Our new OpenVZ Plans are separated with each location to provide different price and specs for each location.

Please check

ur new offers for more, If you have more questions let us know.

We have also upgraded our web hosting packages to Unlimited.

Get more freedom on your web hosting and enjoy new features such as BitNinja Security to protect your website.

You can find new plans directly at

Please note we currently disconnected KVM Line for Germany Location due to upgrades to the cloud.

We are happy to announce GalaxyHostPlus is working on first Cloud Servers, please keep checking our Social Network for more.

As GalaxyHostPlus is expanding we have upgraded our logo to match our new updated. The current website may not have much content but all will be developed in time.
We plan to keep updating our website and add extra pages to provide more information on our products, You may find our website have sped up this is due better optimisation than an older website instead of the running website over Wordpress we decided to stick with the old way and code it manually. 

Most Important Part

Our Terms Of Service have been updated

Our Privacy Policy have been updated

Our SPAM Policy have been updated

And our Refund Policy have been updated

Make sure to check our new Terms to have no surprises later, We working on improving our service and make our rules more clear,
If you felt unsure or need contact us please open a support ticket so we can discuss this with you.

Our support is also upgraded, We hope all support tickets will be responded within 24 Hours from today's date. All can be found in our Terms Of Service.

We hope our updates satisfies our client's we will continue our work or even better, 

If you have any suggestions any please contact us let's make change together. 

Kind Regards

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